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Belden: The Leader in Problem-solving Cables for Industrial Applications

With more than 1,300 Belden materials stocked in our warehouses, IEWC is your go-to source for reliable cable solutions for your new device or plant. A few unique solutions include:

  • MachFlex for applications in limited space
  • SpaceMaker for limited space & tight corners
  • Industrial Ethernet rugged bonded-pairs cable
  • IEWC Named a 2020 ‘Best Place to Work in Milwaukee’ by Milwaukee Business Journal

    October 29, 2020

    IEWC is excited to be one of nine recipients in the large employer category of the Milwaukee Business Journal’s 2020 Best Places to Work in Milwaukee program.

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  • IEWC Ranked Number 46 Most Successful Private Company on Deloitte's 2020 Wisconsin 75

    November 19, 2020

    IEWC is proud to be included for the 13th year on the Deloitte Wisconsin 75! This listing of the 75 largest, privately held companies in Wisconsin includes distinguished organizations with deep roots and long histories -- much like IEWC’s 58 years in business. We’re pleased to be ranked #46 this year and salute our fellow honorees.

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